Failure is not a rite of passage

“Failure is not a prerequisite for success.”

In the corporate world failure isn’t celebrated like in startup culture. In fact I would say the pendulum has swung the other way and everything is protected so much and all risk is analyzed, categorized, and catalogued. Not allowing failure in the process means that a lot of extra work is done before anything is released. It also means that small mistakes can take a long time to fix because of the long time frames required to release something new because the new thing can’t have any known issues.

So while failure in startup culture is celebrated and the motto is move fast and break things. The corporate world is moving so slowly that problems compound and reaction to changes takes months or years.

A healthy balance of fast processes with careful consideration and thought into what is released goes a long way to creating quality products.

Note: This is a series of posts inspired by re-reading Rework, by DHH and Jason Fried.

Nate Bird @nate