Overcast 4.2

Marco Arment released a new version of Overcast last Friday and I’m impressed with the level of privacy that is possible while still maintaining functionality and a good user experience.

Almost all accounts are now anonymous - meaning that they contain NO user identifiable information. The account that is created doesn’t have a username/email or password. It uses iCloud to get a login token and uses that token to identify and login the account across devices.

The app has the same functionality and the experience is better using login tokens than having to remember yet another account name and password and logging in and setting up 2FA. All of that nonsense just disappears. It’s better for the user because Overcast can’t track the individual. It’s better for Marco because he doesn’t have to manage personal information because their isn’t any to manage.

I look forward to seeing this shift in application design - privacy first design. Designing an application to have privacy first requires a lot of foresight and planning. It is much more difficult to add/remove personal information because it requires changing so many workflows.

I applaud Marco and other developers who are pushing privacy first application design.

Nate Bird @nate