Nomad tracking card

I received my Nomad Tracking Card today. It was easy to setup. Pull it out of the box, open the Find My app, hold the button on the card, then walk through the pairing process on the phone.

This is a Nomad product so the build quality is exceptional. The card feels really solid and is only as thick as two credit cards. I find it amazing that a battery can fit into a card this thin. Aesthetically, the electronics inscription on the front is subtle but looks great.

The specs say the battery life is 5 months and it is rechargeable using MagSafe or Qi wireless chargers. I’m looking forward to trying it out. For me this tracker is much more useful than AirTags. I have an AirTag for my luggage and one for my car keys but this Nomad tracker is much more useful day to day in my wallet.

At $50 it isn’t cheap but because it is easily rechargeable I think it will be worth it.

F947C549-11C2-489E-927F-C97B9EE02FBE.jpg D81B5860-4222-425F-8C8D-621FA2830308.jpg D62E38E9-B44C-4FAF-8629-0A7FA0A4E9C5.jpg